Its summer time and an idyllic way to spend your day would be by the pool or sit back in a nice clean SPA. A sparkling swimming pool makes a very pleasing addition to your backyard. A sediment laden pool along with algal growth and floating debris will mar your enjoyment. However, to enjoy unremitting and hassle free service from your swimming pool, pool maintenance on a regular basis is essential.

The first step required to keep your pool strikingly clean would be by installing pool filters which removes all sort of debris, leaves and sundry floating matters, including bugs and insects. Three main type of filtration system include sand filters, cartridge filters and diatomaceous Earth filter, each with their set of advantages and disadvantages. However, cartridge pool filters have evolved to be the preferred choice of today’s pool owners for maintaining their pool hygiene.

Cartridge filters make use multiple layers of paper to filter the pool water of all sorts of debris and other particles. This is anytime a better choice as compared to sand filters. Paper filters are sunken inside a cylindrical tank. Unfiltered water comes in through the inlet, which emerge from the outer surface of the paper cartridge into its interior.

The debris and dirt will be left behind and filtered water will pass through the cartridge. Filter cartridges needs to be replaced every three to five years. They are easy to maintain and are highly affordable.

Without even indulging into the intricacies involved with pool filters, we claim a crystal-clear, well sanitized pool. We, at Poolfilters, specialize in customer service as our dedicated professionals will guide you through the various products, pool accessories and replacement option etc and will work with you to keep your pool clean.

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