A lot of research goes into choosing a filter and more often than not all we are looking for is an impeccable filtration with easy maintenance. Some pool owners commit a mistake by taking an inappropriate filter and some even commit graver mistake of neglecting equipment maintenance.

Cartridge Pool FilterFor optimum hygiene you need superior- quality pool filters products and for those you need the vital statistics of your pool, which includes-

  • Volume of the pool- Volume of the pool is equal to the maximum amount of water your pool can hold. Calculations vary along with designs.
  • Flow rate- Flow rate is defined as the amount of water that moves through the filter in a minute.
  • Turnover rate- Turnover rate means the amount time taken for water to completely pass through the filtration system.

There are mainly three different types of pool filter grids and the only difference lies in their filtration medium. Sand filters use a mixture of sand and gravel to get rid of impurities; Diatomaceous Earth filters have sieves that are smeared with the sticky adhesive- exoskeletons of diatoms; and lastly the cartridge filter that has a pleated cartridge. Out of all,the filter is the one that requires lowest maintenance and one can even buy cheap pool filters cartridges on various online store specializing in pool maintenance.

Pool maintenance cartridges can be easily cleaned and given below are two different ways of cleaning them depending on time and the thoroughness

clean filter cartridgeBackwashing-

  • Backwashing should be carried out fortnightly.
  • This involves spraying and cleaning the surface of the cartridge using a garden hose.
  • Pool owner should not apply too much pressure as that would push the dust particles deeper into the cartridge and carefully get rid of algae particles too.

Soaking and Scrubbing-

  • This should be carried out after every month and for a deeper cleaning.
  • Soak the cartridge in a non-foaming solution and scrub it lightly with a brush.

If you’re looking for durable and efficient pool filter cartridges then competition pool filters are highly recommended. Cartridge filters can definitely work wonders on your swimming experience.