Sta Rite one of the most popular pool equipment manufacturer that offers superior quality pool filters and other pool products.

It is difficult to judge which company provides the best swimming pool equipment, as almost all of them make comparable products, with few distinctions. But, Sta Rite is one of the largest manufacturers of superior quality pool products. Sta Rite pool filters are known to be the best filters among all brands and in every category.

Swimming Pool Equipment

Known as the best pool filter suppliers, they make the best Sand Filters as well as D.E. Cartridge. Their quality can be rated on the basis of their fiber glass filter tanks and other parts such as, filter elements, cartridges and manifolds. Consumers attest to the fact that they are made better than other manufacturers. The only problem some might say, is that the backwash valve on FNS Plus has been switched back to the old American Products. They tend to break by snapping off, as they are made of thinner plastic.

They also make the best Salt Chlorine System–The Intellichlor IC20 or IC40. These systems are very reliable and have lesser problems. All the electronics in the system are built into the cell, so when the cell is replaced, you get an entirely new unit.

Their regular pool filters and pool pumps are at the same level as other brands. So, it is a pretty even playing field as far as the pumps go.

Their Dual Speed Pumps and Variable Speed is known to be the best in the industry, along with being the easiest to program and operate. They were one of the first manufacturers to come up with these types of pumps and are continuously updating and improving their technology. Sta Rite heaters are also considered to be very reliable.

All of the above mentioned pool products are best in the industry and will match all your swimming pool purifying needs. They offer superb quality along with hygiene and cleanliness.

Recommended Product:
Unicel FG-1005–is a highly recommended replacement filter cartridge that comes in technical specification Pleatco # No, Filbur# FC-9350, OEM # DEX6000DA (full grid), and Unicel # FG-1005. The product performs well as it is a state of the art American, Pac-Fab, Hayward, Jandy, Sta-Rite, Waterway filter, and Astral, and it is of the highest quality as per industry standards. The filter is 11” wide and 30” in length. It is highly efficient in providing sand, dust, worm free, clean water for your spas and swimming pool.