Are you a swimming pool owner? If yes, how frequently are you able to clean your swimming pool? You must be aware that for optimum performance your pool needs to be cleaned at least once a week. The problem is every time your pool needs a through cleaning you have to take time off from things more important; not to mention the pool cleaning solutions and labor required! It's time you switched to something better and easier - the baracuda g3 pool cleaner. The baracuda g3 pool cleaner is your one stop solution for all your swimming pool, cleaning needs. The baracuda g3 pool cleaner offers the latest in pool cleaning technology and also great comfort for the user.

The Baracuda g3 pool cleaner is capable of achieving the following feats:

1. The Baracuda g3 is equipped with a high quality suction pump which will suck off all dirt, debris, twigs, pebbles and bugs from your pool

2. This pool cleaner contains a patented quick release cassette which gives easy access to the Long-Life™ Diaphragm in the pool cleaner.

3. The "Anti-Stick" design of the Baracuda g3 pool cleaner facilitates entire pool length coverage in a hassle free way.

4. This pool cleaner comes pre-assembled, so you don't need to get your hands dirty installing or maintaining it and that simplifies the usage.

5. The Baracuda g3 operates quietly with no flapper or hammer noises.

6. The unique finned disc design facilitates for maximum adhesion to all pool surface types.

7. There's a built in wheel deflector in the Baracuda g3 and this helps it navigate around steps and corners even in pools with complex designs.

8. The Flowkeeper™ Valve with Insta-Skim automatically regulates the flow of water and works fine even in low-horsepower pumps. With the simple flicking of a switch it will also skim the entire pool surface.

9. If your pool is surrounded by tress, you could attach an additional Leaf Catcher® from Zodiac to the baracuda g3 and this will remove all leaves from your pool.

The Baracuda g3 pool cleaner is of the best pool cleaners you can buy and it comes with a limited 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects and wear and tear. This warranty is available only in USA and Mexico. Keep in mind that the Baracuda g3 is to be used only in in-ground pools and not elsewhere.