Whether you have an in ground or an above ground swimming pool, it is important to ensure that you have a safe and hygienic swimming experience, which can be made possible through its regular maintenance and upkeep. We at pool filters offer a great selection of Cartridge Filters, of leading brands like Unicel, Hayward, Pentair, Sta-Rite Pool Filters, American, Jacuzzi, etc.

We also carry the replacement filter cartridge and DE grids so that users may get relieved of the hassle of cleaning which indeed is a strenuous activity. The cartridge element needs replacement when it gets completely worn out. However, regular cleaning of the cartridge can increase the longevity of your pool filter.

When filter canister pressure reflects a reading of 8 PSI which is above the normal, it is a clear indication that your pool filter requires cleaning. The cleaning process is quite simple and all you got to do is remove the cartridge from the filter housing followed by rinsing off the filtering element with water by making use of a garden hose.

However, if your pool filter becomes contaminated with algae, calcium carbonate, sunscreen, oil and grime then soak the cartridge in muriatic acid solution overnight. Finally, rinse the filter thoroughly with water and reassemble housing. So, no hassle of backwashing is involved and gallons of water are saved.

Cartridge pool filters offered by us are user friendly as they are easy to maintain and offer high performance and that too at highly affordable prices. You can increase the longevity of your pool filter by following the right cleaning instructions and regular maintenance.