Symptoms Indicating the Need for Pool Filter Replacement

There are certain common problems which make your pool filters function inefficiently. Some symptoms which give us a clear indication that there is a need of pool filter replacement. Here we shall discuss some of those symptoms.

While the water-cleansing mechanism of a pool filter is quite simple, there are certain problems that can make your pool filter function less efficiently. When a filtration system goes bad, the quality of the water deteriorates faster. Let us look into the symptoms seen in filters which give us an indication that your pool filter needs to be changed in due course of time.

The Filter’s Capacity to Sustain the Flow of Water Reduces

As more and more dirt/impurities gather on the filter media, the flow of water is restricted. This leads to an increase in the pressure within the tank. When the pressure rises more than the normal level, it is usually time to clean the cartridge filter elements. If you want to change the cartridge filter, then opt for Hayward pool filter cartridge supposed to be the best in the market today as it can handle high pressure more than the others.

Occurrence of Short Filter Cycle Between Backwashes

In some cases, the pool filter may experience short filter cycles which lead to an increased flow rate through the filter. This implies that the filter is not of the proper size or the pump may be extra powerful for the entire system. In such cases, the solution is to install a properly sized filter system. According to market research, Hayward Pool Filter Cartridge Replacement is the best.

Insufficient Filtering

In many cases, your pool filter cartridges becomes overly charged with impurities/dirt or when the dirt becomes calcified. As a result of this, water comes out of the filter without being filtered. In such cases, watch for evidence of tunneling or channeling and recharge the filter if needed.

Inefficient Backwashing

You know your pool filter is in good shape when backwashing is performed frequently and inadequate periods for the media to be cleaned efficiently. When there is low flow rate, it means that there are inadequate or plugged backwash lines which are not allowing enough water to flow out of the filter during backwashing. In such cases, check for clogs in backwash lines and clear the clogs as necessary. Otherwise, it is time for a pool filter replacement.