Filters fitted with cartridges are high rate ones and work well to drift out dirt particles from water and deposit them on cartridge medium. As the filtration process continues, a thick bed of deposit forms on the surface of the filtering medium. Dirt particles enter the filter through its plastic outlet and get trapped on the surface of its filtering medium. This continues for days and then the process accelerates with heavy deposition of polluting agent on the surface of filters. Henceforth, pilling of impurities takes place and the filter then requires cleaning.

The reason for such huge piling of impurities is laid on the fact that cartridges are formed of gelatinous polyester filament with tiny pores that restricts flow of particles sized in microns. However, water molecules come out from the cartridge filament due to the force of gravity. So, when the water is released from the cartridge filter it is absolutely pure. Thus even uncared use of water of swimming pools would never make it polluted. All users need to do is keep the filtering medium clean by flushing with water.

Brands that can be brought to use for keeping ponds clean are Sta-Rite filters, Pentair pool products, Doughboy cleaners and others. There is nothing that can slow down their efficiency as they serve as very potent equipments to withdraw impurities from the water that is in use. The installation process of such equipments is also kept simple. Just a concrete slab built on the walls of ponds is required to fit the filter in any form of water body.