Cleaning your pool filters and the entire swimming pool is a very necessary activity. Read on to find out more!

The swimming pool is a luxury not many can afford. But if you own one, it is equally important and necessary to maintain it properly. Whether it is for personal usage or it is a public pool, cleaning it regularly and maintaining the hygiene, cleanliness and sanitation levels is very crucial. In fact, it is not just about the bigger pools but also about the hot tub in your backyard or a Jacuzzi in a Spa. Most waterborne diseases and water thriving bacteria can become home grounds in your pool - so why take a chance?

  • Pool filters can be of any type - DE, Sand or Cartridge but one thing is common to them all and that is cleaning it regularly. It is called a backwash which means cleaning away all the debris that has been accumulated over a period of time. Back washing it will help cleaning your pool better and will increase the longevity of the filter
  • Did you know that once every few weeks, it is essential to drain out the water and clean the pool floor and tiles? Dust and other particles can stick to it and cause harm. Just give it a through soap wash and vacuuming everything helps
  • Every day, the pool water surface should be cleaned of leaves and other bigger debris. This can be done with a basic net
  • Replacing the entire filter as and when required is also very necessary. Just the way you would replace a laptop every few years, the same needs to be done to bigger machines like the filter

Well, there are many options when you buy pool filters and many accessories that may make your job easier. Visit Pool Filters at pool filter suppliers for more questions and details!