Pool users have a general query on means to keep pools clean. The water used in pools should have a general pH range of 7.2-7.8, ideally 7.6. Then the chlorine used is also of utmost importance and the estimated level for chlorine is slated as 1.0-1.5ppm. So, the question is how we maintain such ideal levels? The idea is to use pool filters that are good enough to filter out dirt particles so that the expected levels of impurities suspended are always negligible and pool water can be easily standardized with the use of chlorine so as to kill all bacteria and algae left in the pool water.

The use of Hayward pool filter products - Hayward CX1000RE like a cartridge filter can be very beneficial for the cleaning of the pond’s water. The reason is the cartridge is made of a fibrous substance with very small pores that can withhold minerals, dirt and microbes. The size of particles that are restricted from finding an escape often is as small as 5 microns. So, whatever remains suspended in the water can be easily removed with the addition of chlorine in granular forms. A chlorine floater can also be used that has slow dissolving chlorine tablets inside it. So, any form of microbes gets killed and the purity of water is restored. However, before swimming, it is always recommended that you check the levels of chlorine with the chlorine tester and use simple test kits to know about the alkalinity levels of the water of the pool. If you are using cartridge pool filters then your pool water chemical balance would always remain ideal for swimming.