cheap filter cartridgeSwimming pools are a source of fun and entertainment, especially during summers. In fact, nothing can be more refreshing than a dip in the cool and fresh water of the pool. However, all your enjoyment would be marred if your pool water is contaminated with dirt and impurities. A pool filter keeps a pool clean by filtering dirt and other contaminants.

We at Pool filters are custodian of pool filter cartridges of leading brands like Hayward, Pentair, Jacuzzi and more. Pool Filters cartridges offered by us are affordable, easy to maintain and offer great pool performance. These filters indeed make pool water suitable for bathers to swim.

These filters have large surface area as compared to other pool filters and so don't clog up as quickly and therefore requires cleaning less frequently. Since, they are designed to run at lower pressure they exert less back pressure on the pump allowing you to get more flow and turnover for an equivalent pump size.

The pool filter becomes dirty after prolonged usage. The filtering element of a cartridge filter can be removed and sprayed off with a water hose for further use. Howsoever, well you maintain it; your pool filter will begin to break down after a period of time and would require replacement.

Pool filters offer a large inventory of replacement cartridges for nearly every pool and spa. These replacement cartridges offer performance at par with OEM cartridges or at times even better. Feel free to browse through our site Poolfilters.