A filter system keeps your swimming pool clean and crystal clear by capturing dirt, dust and other undesirable particles and substances. Although, there are three basic classifications of pool filters available in the market, choosing one of the three filter methods depend on selected considerations of cost, easier maintenance, place and other private preferences.

An ordinary home owner would generally choose a pool filter cartridges  as it is considered to be economical as well as low maintenance as compared to sand filter and also the more expensive diatomaceous world (DE) filter.

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The cartridge filtering element is capable of trapping dirt particles of 25 – 100 microns in size resulting in crystal clear pool water. However, over a period of time the cartridge gets clogged with impurities. This exerts increased pressure on the pump resulting in less water flow.

When the pressure gauge shows a reading more than 10lbs, it is time to get the filter cleaned up. In order to ensure proper flow of water, the cartridge element is removed from the filter housing and rinsed thoroughly with a garden hose, to remove dirt.

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