The swimming pool is a precious area for any household. Weekend parties for a young couple or evenings with the kids or even just a get together of friends at a pool party in your house, the times are precious and the memories everlasting! But swimming pool means there is water in it and where there is water there definitely is going to be lots of sanitation, hygiene and cleanliness issues involved!

  • Clean the water regularly. You do not even have to do much - just grab the nearest net and skim out the leaves and the debris floating around in the water. This way the filters will not get clogged easily.

  • Another important advice is that, when not in use, use a pool cover. This prevents evaporation due to the sun. But the main thing is, debris will not fly in into the water if there is a protective covering. This will serve the dual purpose of reducing utility bills and also of filtration

  • Clean your pool filter cartridges regularly and make sure to use good ones. If you want to ask the experts and browse through superior products, visit them at Pool Filters for details

  • Use the proper amount of chlorine in the water. For that, you will have to read the instructions carefully which will be there in the manual

  • Once in a few months, it is essential to scrub the floors and the tiles or else dirt will keep sticking to it and more fungus and bacteria might grow on it - you definitely do not want that!

Well, this is not just a swimming pool - it is yours - so take care of it!