Swimmer Safety Advisory Antimicrobial Filters for Health & Wellness

We all know that splashing around in a swimming pool is a great way to beat the summer heat, relax, get some exercise and enjoy quality family time! But did you know that pools can be breeding grounds for dangerous bacteria?

Taking a dip in a pool that is crawling with germs is not only gross but also hazardous. It can have an adverse impact on health and wellness. Impurities and a steady stream of water-based contaminants can cover your body, get inhaled and sometimes even accidentally swallowed. Efficient, effective water filtration is crucial in maintaining clean and crystal clear pool water at all times.

If you cannot remember the last time you cleaned or replaced your pool filters cartridge, it’s probably time to. The innovative antimicrobial filter cartridge is a good bet for a replacement. The technology of these filter cartridges will inhibit and suppress the growth of mildew, algae and other harmful bacteria.

With antimicrobial pool filter cartridges, you can use the pool with confidence, secure in the knowledge that no harmful microbes are swimming along with you.

What are Filter Cartridges and How do they Work?

Filter cartridges help trap floating debris and other toxins to keep the pool water clean and clear. The cartridges contain fabric (media) and are placed inside the filter tank. The pump will pull water from the pool and push it through the filter media which captures the bacteria and other invisible sediments, and then pushes the clean water back into the swimming pool.

Good Maintenance is Essential:

All filter cartridges need proper upkeep and maintenance. They require regular cleaning since the sediments filtered out of the water will build up on the pleats.

Filter cartridge cleaning is easy and can be performed quickly. Remove the filter cartridge and using a strong spray of water (generally with a garden hose) clean inside the pleats from top-to-bottom and then re-install the cartridge into the filter system. If there are stubborn pollutants like caked-on grime, debris, or oil that cannot be cleaned by just water, the cartridge should be soaked in a cleaning solution overnight. Keep in mind that filter cartridges perform best when fully dried after cleaning, so a good option is to keep a spare set of cartridges on hand so that they can be conveniently switched and rotated when cleaning time arrives.  This also eliminates any downtime from pool or spa enjoyment!

Replacement of Cartridge Filters:

During the cleaning procedure, it’s important to check the cartridge for damage and any signs of wear and tear. Small tears, frayed pleats, and cracked end caps can compromise the water flow and do not perform optimally. In such an instance, it is advisable to completely replace the cartridge to guarantee top-notch filtration.

What is an Antimicrobial Pool Filter?

Antimicrobial filter cartridges have pleats that are infused with an antimicrobial blending material. This compound obstructs the growth of harmful microorganisms by chemically switching off the cell functions and hindering their ability to grow, reproduce or function. It can extend the lifespan of the cartridge but it can also enhance the filtering capacity and quality. However, these cartridges do not eliminate the need for proper maintenance of your pool.

Benefits of Antimicrobial Pool Filters for Health and Wellness:

Antimicrobial pool filter cartridges deliver a range of benefits so that swimmers can take a dip safely and feel rejuvenated. Read on for some details.

    • Filter cartridges with the antimicrobial compound offer an extra level of protection season after season. Thanks to the in-built technology, damaging microbes cannot accumulate, thrive, multiply or clog the filter.
    • Since microbes are trapped and are unable to make their way back into the water, the filtration system performs better and in turn safeguards the health of swimmers. And yes, it also prevents discolouring of the tiles/mosaics that surround the pool’s interior walls.
    • By capturing and holding dirt particles and other unwanted contaminants from the pool water, the antimicrobial filter prevents the pool water from becoming cloudy, and helps prevent water-borne diseases.
    • Antimicrobial filter cartridges improve the effectiveness of disinfectants and chlorination. This helps in maintaining water quality and providing a sanitary and healthy swimming environment for a long time.
    • The benefit of antimicrobial filters cartridges to help keep pools clean is undeniable. While the need for chemicals cannot be sidestepped completely, it definitely decreases the usage. It reduces the frequency of cleaning since the they also eliminate foul odors and bacteria which can trigger rashes, itchy skin and gastrointestinal illness.

If you are concerned about the health and well-being of your family, an antimicrobial filter cartridge is an excellent choice. By combining antimicrobial technology with sanitizers, this type of filter cartridge can keep troublesome contaminants at bay to deliver better filtering capacity, healthier water, and an awesome swimming experience that you and your loved ones truly deserve.

Get ready to enjoy summers in the cleanest and the freshest swimming pool water!