Swimming pool filter manufacturers have improvised technologies and methods for the development of filters that can serve the purpose of cleaning swimming pools. The technology in use is superior and in accordance with modern trends. The filters built are portable and easily installable. They can be fitted in any type of pools and also removed from the pond with much ease.Such kind of filtering medium in use these days is termed as cartridge filter. The reason is it makes use of a cartridge filament as its filtering medium. This filament is ubiquitously made of polyester based substances. This substance has uniformly distributed pores that are very fine holes. These pores are cavities that can keep the impurities at bay and stop them from mingling with water in use. It is found that the filter is capable of resisting the flow of particles sized up-to 5 microns. So, it becomes very much evident that the filter is capable of holding back particles that are microscopic and invisible to normal eyes.

Such amazing cartridge filters are manufactured by good brands like Hayward, Astral and Pentair. Their constant use is facilitated by durable performance of the filtering systems. The filters are easily cleanable and their cartridges are replaceable. It is possible to get the cartridges replaced with any other brand that may not match the filter’s brand. Installing and removing such filtering systems is easy in ponds of any type. It is good to use them after cleaning whenever they get clogged as their performance level remains the same.