Superior Quality Grid Filters Can Enhance the Efficiency of D.E Filters

In order to have a clean, healthy and hygienic swimming pool water environment, installation of a good filtration system is required. It is not just sufficient to install any filtration system. In fact, the filtration system you choose to install in your pool should be in accordance with the swimming pool in order to be effective. So, if you too are looking for appropriate filter for your pool you have the choice to select from three different types of filters including Sand, Cartridge and D.E filters.

Grid filtersWhile sand filters effectively filter out larger dirt and debris,  pool filter cartridges features a removable cartridge filtering element that filter particles as small as ten microns. Moreover, they are easy to install, operate and clean besides being moderately priced. However, the most efficient filter amongst all three is the Diatomaceous Earth (D.E) filter that can filter particles as small as 5 or even 2 microns, leaving the water extremely clean and germ free. Depending upon your requirement of pool water hygiene and cleanliness, you can install any one amongst the aforementioned pool filters.

D.E filters feature filter grids that offer effective and efficient cleaning of pool water. It is thus important to choose superior quality grid filters that are made up of 100% Polypropylene cloth that besides offering resistance to chemicals also offer resistance to rot and contamination. In short it offers sturdiness and robustness.

The internal grid element of the grid filter is coated with a porous powder derived from the fossilized exoskeletons of diatoms. Consequently, a filter cake which strains algae, debris and other impurities from the water is created that result in clean and sanitized pool water.

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