Steps To - Cut down on Foaming

Most of the spa owners face a common problem of foaming and excessive foam does take the fun out of hot water immersions and can very well ruin your moment of relaxation.

There can be Numerable Reasons of Foam & It Can be Caused by

    • Beauty Products :
      Beauty Products are one of the main reasons of excessive foaming. These products can vary from simplistic shampoos to lotions or any other body product which you use. To avoid this, you need to go for a spa filter. A spa filter not only get rids of microscopic contaminants but also keeps oil and lotion build-up in check. There are various brands available on online stores and you can glance through the collection of Vita spa filters as these filters offer impeccable hygiene and are popular because of their superior quality. Also, another juvenile mistake pool owners commit is that they often wash their bathing suites inside the pool; always avoid that as the residue of detergent will cause excessive foaming.
    • Inappropriate Maintenance of Equipment :
      Equipment is often ignored and more attention is paid to skimming or cleaning of tiles. Undoubtedly, these activities are significant and should be carried out regularly but equipment maintenance should always be your priority. If you wish for easy installation and maintenance, then you should go for a cartridge filter but even they need to backwashed fortnightly and occasionally soaked in a non-foaming solution.
    • Improper Balancing :
      Balancing has always perplexed pool owners and chemicals like sodium bicarbonate are used to balance the pH of your water. If the pH is low then the water is acidic and acidic content in the pool can cause serious damage to your vital organs such as eyes and skin whereas if the pH is high then it can hinder with your bodily functions. Apart from improper balancing, even calcium hardness should also be kept in check. Pool owners at times out of sheer enthusiasm add large doses of chlorine in the water and that is another reason for excessive foaming.

It Should be Noted Spa Maintenance Begins with Water Balancing

Keep these three points in check and you can surely cut down on foaming and to enhance your experience you can add some music and scented candles to the ambience.

Recommended Product

Unicel 4CH 21 cartridge comes with the technical specifications of Pleatco-PTL-18P-4, OEM-20245-238 and Filbur-FC-0121. It has a moulded cone top and an open hole of 1 ½ inch at the bottom. This 8 inch long and 4 5/8 inch wide cartridge offers excellent hygiene and its quality and durability has made it immensely popular among the pool owners.