When we talk about trusted pool filter suppliers, Pentair is a name that does not go unnoticed. Pentair filters offer top-notch services and are easy to maintain. Like every other swimming pool filter cartridge, Pentair pool filter cartridges also need to be cleaned from time to time to ensure that they function in a proper manner and keep the water of the swimming pool crystal clear. To clean the filter cartridges, you can either opt for backwashing or go for a deep cleaning session. If cleaning the filter is a difficult task for you, have the look at the below mentioned steps that will make your task a little easy.

Pentair pool products


  • Switch off the pump of the pool and lift the lid of the pump. The top and side of the pump comprises of a latch which needs to be unlocked. To unlock the latch, turn the latch to the left side and pull in it an upward direction.

  • The next step is to open the drain plug of the device which is situated at the bottom of the filter. This is extremely important to drain out all the water that is inside the unit.

  • Once done, it's time to rinse the filter using a garden hose. Remove the cartridges from the filter and spray water over the cartridges using a garden hose. Make sure you do not use too much pressure while rinsing the dirt off. Applying to much pressure will allow the debris to settle further into the cartridge. Moreover, this can also damage the coil of the cartridges.

  • Once this is done, let the cartridges dry out completely and only then install them back into the filter.

Deep cleaning

  • Follow the above mentioned steps to remove the cartridge from the filter.

  • For deep cleaning the filters, they need to be soaked overnight in a cleaning solution.

  • Take a large bucket and add cleaning solution to water and soak the filter cartridges in the solution.

  • Next day, take out the cartridges and leave to dry. Once done, replace cartridges back in the filter.

When you buy pool filter products, always keep in mind to select branded and trusted products.