Once you decide to install a spa, you need to move step by step in the process so that you can avail all the benefits of your spa and enjoy a perfect splash into the water. After the hot tub has been installed and is set up the first thing you should do is install a quality spa filter. The pool filter products should be durable and reliable. One such renowned name in the industry is Artesian Spa Filters. After you have installed a filter, the next step is to fill the hot tub. Here's a quick guide on how you can fill your spa in the right manner.

How to Fill Hot Tub

  • Before you start the process, make sure that you switch off the electricity. To start off with, take out the filter that is installed in the hot tub. To start filling the tub, it is best recommended to make use of warm water. Take a garden hose and fix in the place where the filter was installed.
  • Turn on the water at full pressure. Once this is done, the spa will start filling at a rapid speed.
  • The hot tub starts filling but you just cannot leave the water open and overfill the hot tub. The level of water needs to be verified. The fill depth should be correct so that you can relax in the spa. The spa must be filled to about 2-3 inches above the filter. If the depth of the water is not correct, problems might occur in the circulation of spa water.
  • When the spa is filled up to the estimated depth, install the filter cartridges back and switch the power on.
  • To check whether the water is flowing in the right manner, continuously switch the jet buttons on and off. This will firstly help you to check the flow of water and also, you can check whether the jet buttons are working in a proper manner or not. Also ensure that every jet is allowing the same flow of water. If you find any fault in the functioning, make sure you immediately call for a professional help.
  • Once you have filled the spa, make sure you add anti-staining and anti-scaling products. The ratio should be around 2 ounces of products to 250 gallons of water. These products have the capability of removing the minerals and metals that are harmful.
  • After you have added the products, wait for around 15 minutes and then add chlorine (1 tablespoon). If you do not have chlorine, you can also make use of tablets of bromine.
  • Last but not the least, set your desired temperature and get started! The recommended temperature is between 100 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.