Sta-Rite pool filter is a name that does not go unnoticed when one talks about pool filters. Being one of the best pool filter products, millions of pool owners install the same in their swimming pool. It is the duty of every pool owner to clean the filter from time to time so that they keep functioning in an efficient manner.

The Steps That need to be Followed to Clean a Sta-Rite Pool Filter


  • Before you start the cleaning process, make sure the pool equipment is turned off. To be more safe, turn off the pool equipment's circuit, so that the filter does not start functioning while it is dissembled.
  • Next, the filter pressure should be relieved. The air release valve is situated on the top of the filter. Open this valve and relieve the pressure from the filter.
  • The next step that needs to be performed is draining the filter. The bottom of the filter contains a filter drain plug that needs to be removed. Once removed, wait till all the water gets drained out completely.
  • In the meantime, remove the clamps from the outer side of the filter. To remove the clamps, simply slide them in an upward direction and take them off the filter tank top.
  • Now, the filter top has to be removed. While removing the filter top, ensure that you are careful and do not damage the air release valve or the pressure gauge.
  • Once all this is done, the pool filters cartridges need to be removed. To remove them, pull them in an upward direction and slide them off the outlet tubes.
  • Make use of a garden hose of medium pressure and rinse off all the dirt accumulated on the cartridge. Make sure you do not use high pressure as this will settle the dirt further into the cartridge.
  • Along with filter cartridges, it is also important to clean the inside of the filter. Use the same hose and spray the inside of the tank.
  • Leave the cartridges to dry. Reinstall them into the filter once they have dried up totally and replace the filter top.
  • Ensure that you tighten the clamps once you replace the filter top.

By following the above mentioned steps, you can clean your Sta-Rite pool filters with ease and enjoy crystal clear pool water.