A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding the Perfect Replacement Cartridge for your Pool Filter

A clear, sparkling pool is a dream for all pool owners, but this doesn’t happen by magic. Crystal clear pool water is the result of regular maintenance and cleaning. And a good filtration system is the cornerstone of a clean, inviting pool.

Pool Filters – The Backbone for Clean & Healthy Pools

The pool filter removes debris, dirt and other particulates from your pool water and keeps it clean. Without the pool filter, this dirt and debris settle on the pool floor, turning your water murky and ugly and prolonged accumulation of dirt on the pool floor leads to bacterial and algae growth. Filtering is not only essential to keep your pool clear and clean, but also to keep it chemically balanced and healthy for swimming.

Filter Cartridges – The Most Important Components of your Pool Filtration System

Some pool filtration systems use cartridges made of corrugated paper or polyester cloth to filter the water. These cartridges are constructed of fabric or paper, woven into a fine mesh that removes dirt, debris and other accumulated particles from the water.

A simple but effective pool care hack is to clean or replace filter cartridges regularly. Ease of use, simple maintenance, low energy bills and wide availability of replacements are the major reasons why most pool owners opt for cartridge-based filters.

How to Find the Right Replacement Cartridge?

While filter cartridges generally last a long while with proper care and maintenance, eventually the time will come when it can no longer be used and it will have to be replaced. Cartridge filters are readily available online, and you can get them delivered right at your doorstep.

Pentair, Pleatco, Unicel and Hayward pool filter cartridge replacement are some of the top names of filter cartridges purchased by pool owners, and are easily found online. Widespread availability, affordable prices, and quick delivery are some of the reasons why pool owners prefer buying replacement cartridges online rather than searching at the local pool store.

One of the biggest benefits of buying online is that you have a wide array of options. When you visit your local store, you’re most likely to find only a particular brand. On the other hand, by shopping online, you can choose from several types of generic replacement filter cartridges that work well for all leading brands.

Step-by-step Guide to Finding the Right Replacement Cartridge

While shopping online is easy, convenient and pocket-friendly, the most important aspect is finding the right sized replacement cartridges. Pool filter cartridges are available in a wide range of sizes. While they may appear similar, there are many variations and purchasing the wrong sized replacement cartridge can cause frustration due to it not fitting your filtration system.

Taking a little bit of time to determine exactly what filter cartridge replacement will alleviate any future frustrations.  Here are some hints to help you find the right cartridge for your pool filtration system.

Step 1: Decide if You Want to Go with OEM Replacements or Generic Replacements

One of the biggest benefits of generic replacement cartridges is that they are very pocket-friendly, but do not compromise quality. For instance, an OEM Unicel pool filter cartridge can cost 30% more than generic replacement cartridges.

Step 2: Identify the Model, Manufacturer and Cartridge Number

These details are usually present on the label stuck on your filter when new and may not be directly imprinted on the cartridge. This information makes locating a replacement really easy.

Step 3: Collect Measurements

If you are unable to locate the label and have no idea what cartridge you need, you will need to take measurements to get the best fit.

  • Cartridge length – how tall is it? (Do not include the threaded end in the measurement if it has one).
  • Outside Diameter – how wide is it?
  • Inside Diameter – how wide are the holes on the top & bottom? If there is a threaded end, how wide is it?

Note: Cartridges are built to the 16th of an inch, so make sure that you have these dimensions measured accurately!

Step 4: Determine the End Cap Design

End caps are available in a range of designs. The most common style is open (holes). Other end cap styles include closed, handle tops, slip on, and threaded ends.  If the end cap is threaded, is it MPT (finer, skinnier thread) or SAE (coarser, thicker thread)?

Step 5: Make use of the Search Feature

Using the data you have collected, search for the right sized replacement cartridge using either the model number of the cartridge or the measurements.

If you aren’t able to locate the right size or are unsure, don’t hesitate to contact the customer support team to help you find the perfect replacement cartridge.

Wrapping it up

Replacement cartridges are essential to keeping your pool clean and healthy. Use the above steps to help you locate the best replacement cartridge that fits your pool filter perfectly.