Improper chemical balance of pool water leads to many problems resulting from it. There may be problems like ‘burning eyes’ and ‘skin rashes’ due to chemical changes occurring in water used in ponds. The burning eye is a result of disturbances in pH levels of pool water. Skin rashes may occur due to chlorine or bromine used in pools to kill germs and bacteria. These problems can be overcome by adjusting the chemical balance of pool water. A simple method is using cartridge filters for this purpose.

The cartridge filters are built to trap dirt and impurities, however, small they may be. The filter keeps depositing particles that remain suspended in water. In this process, they coagulate impurities on their surface. As this continues for an extendable period of time, the filters get clogged and they then need cleaning without delay. The cleaning is executed by means of sprinkling water and using muriatic acids and chlorine. This is done to cleanse the cartridge used in the filters. Hence, there is no longer any need to use chemicals directly in the water of swimming pools. Just cleaning the cartridge keeps pools free from microbes, algae, minerals and other form of impurities. Hence the pH level of 7.2 - 7.6, Alkalinity = 100, Chlorine = 3.0, Free Chlorine = 0.5 are restored in swimming pools.

Installing cartridge filters of brands such as Jandy, Intex, Waterway, Astral and others can well serve the purpose of maintaining the chemical balance of water used in pools.