A well-maintained spa draws everyone's attention and is appreciated by one and all. The maintenance of the pool is a time consuming affair but this task can be made easy by installing a high quality equipment like Sta rite pool filter. These filters function in an efficient manner and keep the water of your spa crystal clear and hygienic, thereby increasing the life of the spa.


Unique Features of Sta Rite Pool Filters:

-The filter possesses unique features like multiport selector valve, continuous air relief systems and expedient tank winterizing drain. Also, a wide range of filter models are available in various sizes.

-These filters are capable of filtering over 59,000 gallons of water without any need for replacement of cartridge. Also, the speed at which the filter purifies the water is 20 gallons of water every minute. The filter can efficiently work up to 8 to 10 hours without any interruption.

-The oscillating vortex is a part of these filters. This makes the functioning of the filter more efficient as it not only removes the large unwanted particles like pebbles, twigs and leaves to name a few, but also minute dust particles.

-Another quality of these filters is that they are environment friendly and are easy to maintain. Not much cost has to be put in for their maintenance. The spa owner must keep in mind that the filter should be maintained at regular intervals.

-Making these pool filters in demand is their trendiest suction style. They are known to be one of the fashionable pool cleaners available.

-The material used in making these filters is durable which is an added benefit. When the filter moves along the pool, its parts do not wear and tear. Special care is taken while designing the products and it is ensured that the movable parts are designed in such a manner that they bear minimum damage.

Cleaning and Care of Sta Rite Pool Filters

-The products can be cleaned and maintained by following the below mentioned easy steps:

-The circuit breaker of the pool accessory should be turned off.
-Take off the air release valve situated on the top and remove the entire pressure from the filter.
-The cleaner should be drained completely.
-The filter now needs to be opened and then take the clamps off from outside.
-Next, the top portion of the filter has to be removed carefully. It should be kept in mind that the air release valve situated on the top of the filter and the pressure gauge do not get damaged.
-Once the filter gets dismantled, clean the product carefully.