Spa cartridge filters have pleated filaments that serve as vital medium for the holding of impurities on its surface. This filament has evenly distributed pores that are so tiny that even particles of the size of 5 microns gettrapped on them. Hence, it becomes possible for filters to deposit all form of impurities that can be found in the water on the cartridge surface. The jet of water that gets released in spas is thus very clean and pure.

It is quite an accepted norm that the pleated spa filters should be cleaned once in two months. Spa products of brands like Coleman Spas, Caldera spas and Master spas are very important means to keep the filter-water safe to being used for spa purpose. The filters are efficient to clog impurities that range from microbes, minerals and other harmful particles. The presence of these impurities can be bad for the health of spa users.

So, in order to maintain the integrity and advantages of spas in use, it is necessary to clean the cartridges regularly. The filters are removed from sockets of spas and the coagulated cartridges are then pulled out of them. The clogged cartridges can be cleaned with the help of water jets that are being flushed on the pleats. Sometimes muriatic acids and chlorine use also becomes mandatory for getting rid of adamant dirt that sticks on the surface of cartridges. Having finished with the cleaning process, the cartridges can be reinstalled in the filter for re-use. Spa experience becomes very exhilarating with the use of such modern filters.