Every spa needs to have a proper water filtration system. For this purpose, spa owners prefer using high-quality products such as Master spa replacement cartridges. Read on to know how you can increase the efficiency of your spa filtration system.

Master spa replacement cartridges
The amazing feel after taking a dip in a spa cannot be explained in words alone. If you want your spa to give the same joyful experience every time you use it, you need to make sure that your spa water stays clean and clear – this is possible only when you have an efficient spa filtration system. Needless to say, the spa filter is one of the most crucial parts of your hot tub. Working together with the spa pump, the filter traps the impurities present in the spa water. These impurities normally include dust particles and organic matter such as oils, sweat and lotions from the body of those who use the spa. With frequent use of your hot tub, more and more dirt gets accumulated in spa water, which is too much for your spa filter to deal with. This ultimately results in poor quality of spa water. If you are using a cartridge filter for your spa, the following sections will explain how you can make your spa filtration system even more efficient.

Backwashing the Filter Cartridge

A pleated cylindrical object known as the cartridge is the main component of your spa filter. The pleats on the cartridge act as a filtering media. Debris and other particles get trapped between these pleats. With continuous use of the spa filter, its cartridge gets loaded with dirt. It thus needs to be backwashed at least once in two weeks. In backwashing, the cartridge is thoroughly rinsed with the help of a garden hose.

Deep Cleaning the Filter Cartridge

Weekly backwashing is certainly not enough to keep your filter cartridge free from microscopic impurities and microbes such as algae. You need to deep clean the cartridge once in every three months. Keep the cartridge soaked in a cleaning solution overnight, scrub it gently with a brush the next morning, and rinse off.

Replacement of Filter Cartridge

Running your spa filter with an old cartridge is never a good option. The cartridge needs to be replaced at least once in a year. Replacement is also mandatory in case the cartridge is damaged. You can find a wide range of quality replacement cartridges online. For instance, Master Spa replacement cartridges  are an excellent choice.

Recommended Product

Unicel C-7330 is a 7 inches wide and 7 1/4 inches long cartridge that conforms to the technical specifications of Filbur# FC-1003, OEM # C7330 and Pleatco # PMA30-2002-R. Capable of handling a top load of up to 30 square feet, this cartridge has quality filter media that effectively traps the impurities in pool or spa water. It features 4 1/8 inch open holes at the top and bottom respectively.