Spa Water Alkalinity: A Matter Never to Be Neglected

A dedicated spa owner has too many priorities to focus on one in particular. He/she still has to take care of each of those for the sake of the spa. Neglecting the problems in an amazing luxury like spa is not just an act of irresponsibility but also utter stupidity. As many of us already know, spas are now a part of the modern lifestyle. Some people just can't do without taking a dip in these. While some of them still go to public spas, some others have bought their own. Needless to say, the latter lot is smarter than the former. Considering the money one spends regularly on public spas and the traveling time if the spas are located too far from the house of the user, personal spas clearly are a better choice. Furthermore, the Hydrotherapy spa benefits definitely cannot be matched with the pleasure you get from any other luxury. By soaking yourself regularly in a spa, you can not only refresh your body and mind but also stay immune from certain health troubles such as abnormal blood pressure, body pain, stress, and depression.

All the health and enjoyment benefits aside, a spa is also a great investment as it adds another impressive aspect to your residence. Allowing your guests to have a pleasurable spa experience, you are sure to get a lot of appreciation as a host. In fact, a large number people have already bought spas and invested in high-quality products such as LA spa filters.

One of the major concerns in spas is water clarity. Fortunately, it can be taken care of by quality spa filters that are easily available on online stores. However another important concern that is alkalinity often gets neglected and unfortunately cartridge filters alone cannot handle this issue.

Here are a Few Reasons for you to Take the Spa Water Alkalinity Issue Seriously:

  • Alkalinity below optimal level can result in an abrupt reduction in pH, thus making spa water too acidic. With too much of acidic content in it, water can corrode your spa equipment as well as the skin of those who are using the spa.
  • Overly alkaline water can turn the water green and counteract the effect of chlorine which kills the microbes in spa water.

Keeping the above-mentioned points in mind, you need to check the alkalinity of your spa water regularly, and take the necessary steps in case you observe any abnormal changes in the same.

Recommended Product

Unicel 4CH 24

One of the most effective spa filter cartridges, Unicel 4CH 24 keeps the water in your spa clean and clear. Its technical specifications include Filbur # FC0131, Pleatco # PGS25P4 and OEM # 20254-238. 4 5/8 inches wide and 9 3/4 inches long, this cartridge has a 1 1/2 inch MPT and a molded conical handle at bottom and top respectively. Capable of enduring a top load of about 25 square foot, this cartridge proves to be suitable for LA spas, Mountain Stream spas, After Hours spas, Mountain Springs spas, Mountain Meadows spas, Mountain Mist spas and spas from many other brands. Also, it can be installed and maintained with ease.