No matter how many possessions we have, we always crave for more – that is an uncontrollable aspect of human nature but that's what drives us towards innovation. From an ordinary bathroom, we have moved on to luxurious bath tubs and finally lavish hot tubs and spas. So far, spas have proven to be the best among these luxuries. No matter how stressed or depressed you are, you will be right as rain after a long dip in your spa. Furthermore, you can even have the company of one or more persons in a spa, thanks to the advent of multiple seating features.

Spa Sanitizers

While the advantages of spas to discuss about are many, one can't really enjoy those if his/her spa is not well-maintained. Speaking of maintenance concerns, the first point that comes to the mind of spa owners is water cleanliness and clarity. Needless to say, dirty water in your spa certainly won't add to your excitement when you are about to take a dip in it. To avoid this hassle, it is recommended that you use quality filtration products such as Sundance spa filters. Known to be highly efficient and durable, these filters keep your spa water clean and clear by trapping oil, sweat and other impurities.

Due to the convenience of installation and maintenance, most people today are going for cartridge filters. A round pleated object is the primary component of these filters and high quality standards need to be met for the same. Fortunately, Sundance spa filter cartridges can take care of this concern.

With time, however, these cartridges gradually lose their ability to filter spa water and it becomes necessary to replace them. This mostly happens due to the development of cracks or tears in the cartridge. As far as the replacement is concerned, Sundance spa replacement filter cartridges are a good option.

Like filters and filter cartridges, sanitizers too are crucial for spa maintenance. These are basically chemicals that kill the microbes in spa water. Growth of microbes in your spa can result in diseases and thus it is necessary to use sanitizers regularly.

Mentioned below are some of the commonly used sanitizers for pools and spas:


Bromine is an excellent sanitizer for spas. It is available in the form of tablets and can be inserted in a bromine feeder that floats on spa water.


Chlorine is mostly used for pools. As it is not available in the form of tablets, it cannot be used as the sole sanitizer for hot tubs and spas. Furthermore, the quick dissipation of its granules makes it unsuitable for spas. It can however be used in combination with mineral sanitizers in spas.