Owning a spa or a bath tub at home is definitely a luxury, but a spa owner needs to be very careful when it comes to maintenance of the spa. Certain parts need to be replaced from time to time to prolong the life of the spa. While choosing spa replacement parts, one should always consider factors like its reliability, durability and its cost. Though nothing is forever, a well- maintained spa can last for several years. The market is flooded with various brands of spa replacement part, but a spa owner should be very careful while making a selection. Below listed are a few products:

Filter Cartridges

Unicel C-5621: This is one of the most trusted spa replacement parts available. It has specifications that can replace Filber# FC-3091 and Unicel# C-5621 and complies with OEM# C5621. The top of the product comes with a molded cone and the bottom has a hole of 1 15/16”. The width is 5 3/16” and the length is 11 7/8”.

Unicel 4CH-24: Spa Filters need to be replaced from time to time and you should be very carefully about the specifications of a product. This spa replacement part is an ideal choice as it replaces Filbur # FC0131 and Pleatco # PGS25P4. Also, it complies with OEM # 20254-238. Making it east to use is its length of 9 ¾” and its width of 4 5/8”. The product can easily bear a top load of 25 sq ft, has a handle in the shape of a molded cone at the top and has a 1-1/2” MPT at the bottom. This filter has been made of quality material and can be installed easily.

Unicel 4CH-50: Installation of spa filters is a great way to keep the spa water clean. This product is a popular one as it is easy to use and maintain. The product comes with specification of Pleatco # PTL50P, Filbur# FC-0151, OEM # 1561-05, 6540-486 and Unicel # 4CH-50. The top of the filter has a molded cone and the bottom has a 1-1/2" MPT. The filter is handy as its length is 14 3/4" and the width is 4 5/8". This product efficiently removes all the unwanted substances from the water and make the water safe to use.

Unicel 6CH-47: Easy to install and one of the most preferred filters is this product having specifications of Pleatco PTL47W-P, OEM 03FIL1500 and Filbur FC-0315. The filter is 6” wide, 9 1/8" long and its top has a semi circular handle. The filter is durable and has the ability of removing all the impurities from the water.