Spa Maintenance Begins with Water Balancing

Swimming pool or spa maintenance doesn’t end with regular cleaning with a leaf-rake and chemicals and most of the times pool owners miss out on the most basic step of water sanitization that is water balancing. People who own a spa or a pool have constant complaints about corrosion of equipment and water hardness but most of them are completely clueless when it comes to water balancing.

Water balancing is the first and foremost step of water sanitization because even chlorine won’t work to its full capacity if the water in your pool or spa doesn’t have a balanced pH level. Balancing the water mainly involves adjusting its alkalinity and acidity; if the water is high on alkaline content then it can hinder with our vital bodily functions whereas acidic water can cause serious damage to eyes as well as skin. The pH of pool water varies according to geographical locations and ideally should be kept neutral; water balancing can be done by using chemicals such Sodium Bisulphate and Sodium Bicarbonate. Know also how treat and taste pool/spa water?

Pool water usually normally carries contaminants such as calcium, manganese and phosphate and each one of these can not only have adverse effects of your health but can also damage your pool equipment.

Following are few of the signs indicating abnormal pH level in your pool water -

  • Cloudy Water - This is one of the most prevalent signs; if the water is high in alkaline content you’re bound to notice cloudy water.
  • Stains on the Flooring - These stains are mainly caused by calcium and can be cleaned using glass beads.
  • Corrosion of Equipment - This is something which you will eventually notice in case you have missed on the crucial step of water balancing. It is always best to use corrosion-resistant equipment Also, for efficient filtration, one should go for cartridge filters.

Diamante spa filters and even those other brands are easily available on various online stores. While choosing a filter, one needs to focus on quality. In case you choose a cartridge filters, make sure it doesn’t have any broken bands.

Diamante spa parts are also popular among various hot tub owners and are preferred for their high efficiency and durability. Once the pH in your pool or spa water has been balanced, you can go for more modernistic and advanced equipment such as chlorinators and ozonators.

Recommended Product-

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