Spa is perhaps the best way to unwind after a hectic day and soaking yourself in the cool or comfortably warm spa water works wonders not only on our tiredness but also on the overall health. Immersing yourself in mildly warm or slightly cold water has multiple health benefits such as enhancement in blood circulation, decrease in toxicity and lower levels of stress and depression.

Undoubtedly, a spa is one of the best ways for rejuvenation and overall improvement of health, but it is important to ensure proper water filtration and sanitation in it. This can be achieved by the following steps:


  • Water Balancing- The first step should be balancing the water by basic chemicals such as Sodium Bisulphate and Sodium Carbonate. These chemicals help to regulate the acidity and alkalinity levels of water and thus maintain the optimal pH. It should be kept in mind that highly acidic water may corrode spa parts as well as the skin of spa users, and highly alkaline water can hinder bodily functions. Know how to test and treat pool water.
  • Water Sanitation- Cleanliness of water should be ensured. Spa water can be sanitized by chemicals such as chlorine and biguanide to get rid of algae and bacteria.
  • Installing a spa filter- Installing a spa filter is mandatory as a spa filter mainly gets rid of contaminants and harmful micro-organisms which are not eliminated by chemicals.

Caldera Spa Filters as well as  filters from many other renowned companies come with a plethora of features. It is important to choose the filter as per the requirements of your spa

Here are some important points regarding spa filtration:

  • There are mainly three types of filters available, namely Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.), cartridge, and sand filters. Among these, cartridge filters are a popular choice as they are easy to install and operate.
  • It is important to ensure that the filtration cartridges are equipped with evenly spaced bands. These bands are usually made up of spun-bound polyester. Their purpose is to prevent pleat-flutter which is caused by turbulence in water.
  • The bands of filter cartridges should not be broken. Prolonged use of a cartridge may cause its bands to break. In this case, the filter cartridge needs to be replaced. You can buy high-quality replacement cartridges from online stores.

Healthy Rejuvenation

  • Maintenance of cartridge- For utmost usage of spa filters, it should be manually cleaned by backwashing every fortnight and its timely replacement is also necessary. Backwashing simply involves rinsing and cleaning the cartridge with a garden hose – this process helps to get rid of the dirt accumulated due to prolonged use. Also, too much pressure should not be exerted on the cartridge while backwashing as it will push the dirt further inside the cartridge rather than removing it.
  • Chemicals such as chlorine should be added only be after the cartridge has been properly cleaned and installed.

Recommended Product-

Unicel C 7479 is an excellent replacement filter cartridge which comes with the technical specifications of OEM # CX410RE, Pleatco # PA40 and Filbur# FC-1228. 14 ¾ inches long and 7 inches wide, this cartridge features quality filter media which effectively trap the impurities in pool or spa water. Capable of handling a load of up to 75 square feet, this cartridge is equipped with a semi-circular handle and a 2-inch slip fitting at the bottom and top respectively.