Owning a spa or a hot tub provides respite from the biting cold to the people living in the cold Northern states. After a long and tiring day, nothing can be more relaxing than a dip in the water. It is very important for a spa owner to maintain the spa or hut tub at regular intervals. One thumb rule of maintenance is installation of an efficient filter. Often people get confused when it is time to make a selection as a wide range of filters with various specifications are available in the market. Aquiform- Infinity spas filter cartridge is one such product that ensures great results each time. Though once a filter is installed, the spa owner becomes free from the stress of cleaning and maintaining the spa, a thorough check must be conducted from time to time to analyze when the filter needs to be changed or replaced. The frequency of changing or replacing the filter depends on factors like:

-Type of spa
-Size of the spa
-The number of times the spa is used

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What Filters Do?

Filters keep the water of the spa or the hot tub clean from all unwanted contaminants. When water passes through the filter, the small unwanted particles get trapped. The unwanted debris, dust, hair and leaves that floats in the water get trapped by the filter, keeping the water of the spa clean and fresh. The filter needs to be changed or replaced depending upon the number of times the spa is used. Some filters have multiple layers while some consist of a few layers. The time taken in filtering the water depends on the number of layers the filter has. More the time taken, cleaner and clearer is the water.

About Cartridges

Filter cartridges trap the unwanted contaminants and do not allow them to circulate in the water. These contaminants are trapped easily by the filter cartridges that are made of mesh material. A filter resembles a round cylinder that consists of cartridges made of ceramic or polyester and a hole in the middle. Filters of various sizes, types and specifications are available, Aquiform- Infinity spas filter cartridge being an ideal choice for spa owners.

About Microban Filters

When the spa water is left undisturbed, microorganisms thrive on it. The filter that keeps the spa water safe from these microorganisms, is known as microban filter or anitimicrobial that is made of polyester material.