It is a good thing to read the manual of your spa for then it becomes easy to maintain its parts. Every spa is fitted with filters, pumps, air blower, thermostat and control box. On reading the manual, users can get to learn everything about where they are located and what measures should be taken to keep them clean. When a spa is used regularly, it is found that the filter cartridges often get clogged with impurities that remain suspended in the water. So, it becomes mandatory to get the filters cleaned.

The filter parts cleaning may be a difficult job for many spa users. But then when they are cleaned on a regular basis it becomes less cumbersome as then the impurities coagulated are less and they can be easily hosed with jets of water. Spa cartridges used in spa or hot tubs can also be cleaned with muriatic acid solutions. They just need to be immersed in the acid solutions overnight and then dried in bright sunlight. Having done so, they can be refitted in the filters.

The use of clean filters is very important as they help to maintain the water chemistry especially pH and alkalinity balance. When filters are clean they function better and do not allow spa water contamination with impurities. So, the cations, anions and free radicals cannot find an escape in spa water and hence there is no question of their reaction with water molecules. Thus, the chemical balance is ensured and the spa experience becomes reveling.