Spa Cover Removal is No Longer a Pain

Almost all spa owners with the exception of a few careless ones know how important it is to cover their spas while they are not in use. There are plenty of benefits to be had from doing the same, the major ones being cleanliness and clarity of spa water, reduction in evaporation, lower cost of spa heating and decrease in the rate of dissipation of sanitizers in spa water. Furthermore, using a cover also ensures spa safety when there are pets or children around without adult supervision.

A multitude of concerns regarding the safety of spas have made spa owners realize the importance of spa covers and now these covers have become an essential part of spa and hot tub equipment. Moving a spa cover, however, can still be a tough job due to its size and weight. Furthermore, these covers sometimes absorb water and become heavier than they already are. For instance, the weight of a spa cover can increase from 20 pounds to about 100 pounds if it absorbs water. In this situation, some spa users just fold half of the cover to open the spa, instead of making efforts to remove the cover entirely. As a result, only that portion of the spa which is exposed is left for the users to enjoy.

Like your spa filters or any other crucial component of your spa equipment, spa covers too deserve due care and attention. Folding them in half to open the spa is clearly not a good gesture when it comes to maintain the spa covers. You require cover lifts for the same.

Cover lifts are just another addition to your spa or hot tub equipment – these lifts make it easier for you to handle your spa covers.

  • The amount of lifting expected
  • Location of the spa

Also, a cover lift requires sufficient clearance for operation and storage. The clearance can vary from 6 inches in some cover lifts to more than 2 feet in some others.

Some of the common types of cover lifts have been mentioned below:

Rear Lift: This type of lift wraps the cover and makes it rest on one side of the spa.

Lifts with Supporting Arms: These cover lifts have wooden or metallic supporting arms that rest on one side of the spa.

With any of the above-mentioned lifts, it won't be necessary for you to battle with your spa covers.