We all have the desire to enjoy our luxuries forever, without putting any effort in maintaining the same. The desire, however, is nothing more than a dream that won't ever come true. With every luxury you have, you will get your fair share of joy but at the same time, you will have a significant amount work to do in order to keep it in the best condition. Spas, for instance, are one such luxury.

Indoor Hot Tub

In a spa, you can have some of the best times with family and friends. Taking a dip in it is not just an excellent way to refresh your body and mind, but also a therapy that can provide relief from troubles such as abnormal blood pressure, irregular sleep and body pain. Also, with the help of adjustable jets in spas, the massaging effect can be focused on a particular area of the body. Unless each of your spa parts gets proper care and attention, none of these benefits can be reaped. Spa parts in Canada, for instance, are regularly cleaned and examined for problems.

While there are several factors to portray the well-being of a spa, the most important one among those is clean and clear water. For this factor to be taken care of, an efficient water filter is indispensable for spa owners. Many of them choose Dimension One spa filters for this purpose. Manufactured by a topnotch supplier of pool products, these filters effectively rid the spa water from dust particles as well as other impurities such as sweat, lotion residues and oils from the body of spa users. In order to get the most out of your spa filtration system, there are certain essential points you need to remember, such as the following:

  • Filtration system and circulation system of a spa rely on one another. It is thus necessary to ensure proper circulation of spa water so that it passes through the filter.
  • In case any of the components of your spa runs its course, you need to go for quality spa replacement parts. The same applies for spa filters as well – replace your filter if it has been used for more than a year. Do the same if its color has changed to green, brown or gray, or if it retains a beige color instead of white despite regular cleaning.
  • Make it a point to backwash the filter on a fortnightly basis. Deep-cleaning, on the other hand, needs to be done once in every three months.