Smart Ways to Avoid Draining your Wallet on Pool Maintenance

Owning a pool is a dream for many homeowners, but often they forget to factor in the associated costs for maintenance. Worry not! You can own your dream pool and enjoy it without draining your wallet. Below are some excellent tips to cut down on pool maintenance costs.

1. Invest in the Right Pool Equipment

Many pool owners make the grave mistake of not choosing high-quality pool equipment to save a few bucks, but skimping on the most important pool essentials can lead to more maintenance and even expensive repairs down the line. The right pool filtration system is crucial for keeping your pool clean and the water safe for swimmers.

2. Cover your Pool

Keeping your pool covered not only reduces pool maintenance bills but also dramatically cuts down the time you spend on cleaning the pool. A pool cover will prevent debris and dirt from getting into the water, thereby reducing the burden on your pool filtration system. A pool cover also prevents the water from getting icy-cold, which will cut down on water heating costs.

3. Keep the Filter Cartridges Clean

While this may seem obvious, a surprising number of pool owners skip this crucial step or do not clean the filter cartridges regularly. But the simple logic is this--keeping the filter cartridges clean ensures that they will work at the optimum capacity and efficiency, which results in less time having the filtration system running, and lower energy costs.

The lifecycle of a filter cartridge depends on the amount of maintenance done to it. Most filter cartridges last about a year with regular maintenance, although it can be longer depending on pool usage and the environment around the pool. However, if the filter media (the fabric of the pleats) is beginning to fray, has holes or is otherwise not filtering effectively, it is definitely time to replace the cartridges. Some excellent suggestions are Pleatco pool filter cartridge replacements or Sta-Rite pool filter replacement cartridges.

4. Maintain the pH Balance of the Water

As a pool owner, you already know that the chemical balance of the pool water is important. But do you know that it helps to reduce costs as well? Some of the biggest pool maintenance problems are a result of the improper chemical balance of the water. For instance, the right amount of chlorine in pool water helps to kill bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms, as well as prevents the bloom of algae. It also helps to cut down the grease and oil floating in your water, which can damage the pool filters.

Simply put, the right chemical balance ensures that the water stays clean. Cleaner water means less time spent manually cleaning the pool and also lowers the burden on the filtration system. You can check your pool's chemical composition by purchasing test strips from a pool supply store. Follow the included directions to test for and correct any chemical imbalance.

5. Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

A top-notch pool filtration system does not mean you can skip manual cleaning. Skimming the pool daily for debris prevents large contaminants like leaves and bugs from clogging the filter. Regular cleaning of the filter cartridges is also important. If budget permits, you can invest in a pool vacuum to suction off grime and micro dust. Another helpful tip is to clean the area around your pool as well — Trim overgrowths, trees that shed pollen, etc. to keep the pool deck clean. This will help in preventing excess debris from getting into the pool water.

Always, Remember the Golden Rule of Pool Maintenance

Regular maintenance can help to avoid higher costs down the line. It's easier and cheaper to keep your pool adequately maintained than spending on repairs and restoration. A small amount of time on upkeep means you and your family can enjoy your pool for years to come.