Your backyard swimming pool is your prized possession. You would certainly not want to stake your investment by allowing it to become hot bed of germs and micro-organisms making it all the more unsafe for swimmers. As a pool owner, it is your utmost responsibility to ensure proper upkeep and maintenance of your pool to make it all the more inviting.

You have the option to select from three main types of pool filters i.e. sand, D.E and cartridge filter. Though, all three have their own share of pros and cons, cartridge filters have emerged as the choicest filter of pool owners owing to number of features that provide them an edge over their counterparts.

Hot tub filter cartridges

For instance cartridge pool filters have a pleated fibreglass mat or synthetic filter media that can trap all sorts of contaminants leaving behind crystal clear water. Besides this, these filters have low cost of maintenance that make them all the more cost-effective. Keeping in view the significance of pool filter cartridges, pool maintenance becomes extremely important. By following some simple tips, you can ensure proper maintenance of your filter cartridge. Have a quick glimpse at some of them.

  • When the pump pressure gauge shows a reading of more than 8 psi, it is time to check the filter cartridge element either for repair or replacement.
  • Remove any debris from the filter with the help of a garden hose.
  • Sun dry the filter cartridge and remove loose particles by brushing with a stiff paint brush.
  • Soak the filter in muriatic acid solution to get rid of organic contaminants that do not get washed away simply by rinsing with water.
  • Rinse the filter thoroughly in water and then dry it in the sun properly before being re-installed for use.

Ensuring proper maintenance of a pool saves pool owners with both time and money. Failure to ensure proper pool maintenance can have adverse effect on the health of those who use it, while also having contrary effect on other pool parts and accessories.