When we decide of installing a hot tub or a swimming pool, the first thing that strikes the mind is the maintenance and cleanliness of the spa or the pool. To keep the water fresh and crystal clear, it is very important to install a high-quality spa and swimming pool filter. Some of the reputed names in the world of pool filters are Master Spas pool filters, Viking Spas cartridges, Hayward pool filters and Sundance spas filters. Among the various products available, Sundance spas filters are in high demand. Let us have a look at how these spas filters care for your hot tubs.

  • Using the CLEARRAY water purification system, Sundance spas filters provide the best purification process and keep the water free from all impurities.
  • Generally, when a filter purifies the spa or swimming pool water, chemicals, gases and various other products get released into the water, but the UV-C technology in Sundance spas filters neutralizes about 99.9% of the microorganisms present in the spa and pool water.
  • The UV-C technology depends on the natural light. The same process is used as a disinfectant in medical facilities.
  • CLEARRAY helps in reducing the amount of sanitizer in the water. When the water has the exact amount of sanitizer balance as required, the user is free from skin irritations and problem of red eye.
  • The filters installed in the Sundance spa hot tubs trap the impurities much before they enter the water. All contaminants, big and small are easily captured and this keeps the water crystal clear.
  • The MicroClean Plus filters can efficiently absorb the oils and lotions that get transferred from the body of the swimmer to the spa or pool water.
  • Cleaning these filters is a simple task and needs to be performed approximately once a week.

One should be extremely careful while choosing a filter for their swimming pool or spa. Sundance Spas filters are one of the best options available in the market as they are durable and deliver high-end performance. They keep the water of the spa or the pool clean and fresh and at the same time improve the life of the spa or the swimming pool too.