The last decade has seen tremendous rise in popularity of pool filter cartridges. The reason in its popularity could be largely attributed to the use of advanced technology that have made these filters offer much better performance than their traditional counterparts i.e. sand and D.E filters.

In order to meet the escalating demands, many manufacturers have begun to offer pool filter cartridges. However, with plethora of options to select from it actually becomes difficult to select the best pool filter cartridge.

When we talk about best pool filter cartridge, we talk about a package that includes affordability, high-performance and ease of maintenance. In fact, there are many reputed brands such as Hayward, Pentair, Jandy and more that offer superior quality filter cartridges that can keep your pool up and running. In fact, filters from these brands are extremely functional and offer high-end performance.

clean pool

Some of the best quality filters available could be availed in different sizes and are simple to install as well as maintain. Superior quality filter cartridges provide large capability for increasing the cleaning cycles i.e. instead of cleaning the pool every fortnight, it can now be cleaned once a month and sometimes only once a season. Additionally, filters from reputed brands are made using superior quality materials such as Reemay spunbond polyester that aid to function in a demanding environment.

Usually, best and reputed pool filter cartridges could be installed in both above ground and below ground swimming pools. They can be fitted easily and usually have low cost of maintenance. With all these features in place pool owners can sit back and relax for almost the entire season without having to worry about pool cleaning and maintenance.

In fact, the best pool filter cartridges run at a lower pressure and thus exert less pressure on the pump and that too with free flow of water. Additionally, such filters could easily be cleaned up by simply making use of a garden hose or soaking them overnight in a filter cleaning solution to get rid of contaminants such as body oil, grime, sun tan lotion etc.

Besides the aforementioned features, a good pool filter cartridge would provide users with years of hassle-free performance. However, after a certain period of time even the best pool filters would require replacement. Replacing a cartridge filtering element with a compatible filter ensures longevity of the filter. In fact, there are brands that offer compatible filters that offer performance at par or at times better performance than the original ones.

So, select the best pool filter cartridges by opting for the best brands.