Secrets to a Shimmering Pool- an Appropriate Pool Filter

Does your pool appear sludgy or is the water too unclear? Is there always a misty layer on top of the water? These are few of the major concerns of any pool owner and usually most of us commit the basic mistake of inadequate pool maintenance. A pool can’t be kept sparkling clean by just regular skimming and excess usage of chemicals; skimming the water with a leaf rake is undoubtedly important and should be done regularly but it is a common fact that it only gets rid of plant debris. Chlorine also has its own inadequacies and its excess can be disastrous to swimmers’ vital organs such as skin and the eyes.

A Leaf Rake and Excessive Chemicals can’t Replace a Pool Filter; before the Installation of a Pool Filter Certain Things should be analyzed-

  • Volume of the pool- Volume of the pool is necessary and can be easily calculated using the basic math. Multiply each dimension of the pool and in case of circular pools calculate the radius and multiply it with the product of average depth and 3.14 or Pi.
  • Capacity of the pool- Capacity of the pool can be calculated using multiplying the volume by 7.48 which is the number of gallons of water contained in a cubic foot of the volume.
  • Flow rate- Lastly, it is important to analyze the flow rate and for that you can divide the capacity by the turnover rate. Flow rate is calculated in gallons per minute (gpm) or gallons per hour (gph) and can easily be defined as time taken for a gallon to circulate in the pool. Know what is GPM calculator and how to use?

Once you have calculated and analyzed your needs, you should go through the three variants of pool filters- DE filter grids, Sand filters and Cartridge filters. The main difference between them is of the medium of filtration and each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Cartridges are widely popular because they are easy to install and maintain. Pentair pool filters are advisable if you wish to go for impeccable filtration and superior quality.

But even if you use best of pool filters cartridges, you need to maintain them adequately. They need to be backwashed regularly as there is a constant oil and lotion build-up in a pool and if you notice a sudden change in the filter pressure or a change in the color of the cartridge, they need to be cleansed immediately.

After every 3 months, a filter cartridge needs to be cleansed in a non-foaming solution and should be scrubbed with a brush. This procedure is essentially for washing of the chemicals and ensuring that there is no alga –formation. Even annual replacement of cartridges is important and if you’re looking for an ideal replacement cartridge then Pentair pool filter cartridges are advisable.