Maintain your pool by spending a little less money on the pool and other paraphernalia. Read on to find out more.

Owning a personal swimming pool is a costly affair. In fact, even if you own a hot tub or a small pool in your backyard, it means spending more money! The buck does not stop at just buying the equipment, most people forget that they need to maintain it as well and also buy the paraphernalia that comes with it - pump, electricity bills, cartridges etc. Did you know that the bill from your pump is as much as that of a heater or an air-conditioner of your living room? But there are ways and means to cut back too:

  • For starters, install a good swimming pool filtration system with a good filter and a cartridge. Make sure you get proper guidance from experts. Visit Poolfilters at Pool Filters/ for more details
  • Heating inside the pool is a money guzzling venture. How about installing some solar panels so as to get some natural free heating?
  • Did you know the faster you run the pump, the more electricity it guzzles? How about running the pump at lesser speed but for a longer duration - see the difference in your bill
  • Lastly, one of the main things is to maintain your pool. If you regularly clean it, filter it; make sure to maintain the chemical balance and levels etc., the chances of you spending more on the swimming pool are less! Well maintained pools are not money guzzlers!

These are some tips on how to spend less money on your swimming pool and still enjoy it to the fullest!