Can you stay in a dirty house? Will you be OK with taking a shower in dirty water? Impossible thought, right? Just the way you would want your home clean, air to be fresh and fragrant and your shower to have clean, hygienic water, in the same way, when you are swimming, you don’t want algae floating around you, frog poo near you and leafs swimming with you! It is extremely relaxing to swim in a clean and hygienic pool or sit back in a nice clean SPA. Hence, upkeep and maintenance of all these water bodies, whether a commercial swimming pool, residential paddle pool or SPA facilities is not just desirable but also important.

Lot of times, sand, dust etc gets into water which is very harmful for your eyes, skin and throat. Just the way you will drink filtered water, same way filtration is necessary in these water bodies too.  To ensure proper sanitation, filtration systems are of paramount importance. It is this filter which removes fine particulates from water and enables you to swim in a clean pool. There are mainly 3 types of filters: Cartridge, Sand and Diatomaceous. Each filter has its own advantages and weakness. Depending on your usage and pool type, we at help you in choosing the right system and installing it. After sales service, warranty, replacement of parts and customer service are of vital importance when you buy a product of this nature. We, at Poolfilters, specialize in customer service. Not many of us know the intricacies involved in filters. All we want is a well sanitized pool! Our specialists and agents will guide you through the various products, parts, replacement option etc. We will work with you to keep your SPA or pool clean.

It will be a pleasant surprise for you to know the wide range of pool filters available today in the market, different advantages of each, varied designs, costs that fit your budget etc. why don’t you visit our website for more information: At the end, if you can have nice and clean water in your own backyard pool, it is definitely worth a try!