Modern design is brought to application for most filters. The reason for it is it assures low maintenance. It is absolutely seductive and leaves people mesmerized about this latest form of filtering technology. The new cartridge filters are found to whirl baits so as to trap dirt particles, no matter, how small they are. It has been discovered that the latest filters have a technology that is not to be found in any other filtering equipment.

The response of the latest filtering medium in coagulating dirt particles is found to be great. There is absolutely no need to measure its responsiveness as it is found that dirt particles get easily coagulated. It is being found that in the process of dirt getting deposited on the filament surface in use, it becomes possible to rid the swimming pool water from its impending impurities. The reason why this happens is that a fibrous cartridge filament is brought to use for restricting the flow of dirt particles and it keeps on depositing impurities on its surface. The fibrous filament is made up of pores and this is where particles keep depositing as the pores are very tiny and allows the flow of only water molecules.

Cartridge filters manufactured by Doughboy and Jandy are found to be superior and all reasons support their sophisticated technology. This filter is capable of clogging impurities of all types and does it on a random and continuous basis. The filtration process never ceases and it halts only when too much clogging of contaminants takes place on the cartridge surface. Whenever such a situation arises the filter should be cleaned and this is done very easily by flushing with water and rinsing cartridges in muriatic acid solutions.