After a long and awesome weekend of rejoicing the spa experience in hot tubs, I think it would good to talk about the cleaning of the filters. If you are using a caldera spas filter, the best way to clean it would be by using a chlorinated solution. The solution of chlorine that you prepare should not be too concentrated. So, to make a moderately concentrated solution, buy the granular form of chlorine. In general, it is found that chlorine is available in three forms - granular, tablet and liquid. Now, tablets and liquids are used in swimming pools and are not meant for home spas. So, caldera spas customers would find it useful to use granulated chlorine for cleaning their spas.

Spa filters normally require only their cartridges to be washed thoroughly. The cartridges being made from polyester materials do not require much effort in cleaning. They can also be replaced if someone is reluctant to wash them. I can tell you that you can easily fit in cartridges of any brand in your filter. There is no need to stick to the same brand. It means that if your filter is of caldera then you can easily fit a Master spas cartridge in it. You will find that it serves the same way and is efficient enough to capture dirt particles on the surface of its tiny pores. So, cleaning spa filters is actually so simple and easy. Moreover, you need not clean the filter every-time you use your spa. It can be done occasionally.