Replace Your Cartridge for Greater Efficiency

Keeping your filter cartridge clean and maintained is as essential as installing one. Maintenance can certainly help improve its lifespan, but once damaged the cartridge should be replaced immediately.

That filter is an essential component of any swimming pool or spa is very well-known. What is lesser known is that filters come in three types – sand filters, filter cartridges and Diatomaceous Earth filters. You could choose amongst the three depending upon the level of filtration you need and the budget constraints you have. Sand filters are fairly cheap and easy to install, but their effectiveness and efficiency are low. Diatomaceous Earth filters are extremely effectively, cleaning out even the smallest impurities, but his level of filtration comes at a price because they are very expensive to install and operate. Somewhere between the two lies the filter cartridge, the most widely used types of pool filters. They come at a fair price and efficiently clean up the pool, removing grime and debris as small as 10 microns in size. Such type of filters feature a removable cartridge in them.

Filter cartridges come with a fixed lifespan, which is also partially dependent on the way they are handled. If they are maintained properly, then the replacement of cartridges will not be needed. However, if they are not cleaned regularly then a replacement of filter cartridges will be soon overdue. However, the best thing about filter cartridges apart from their effectiveness is that they are fairly simple to clean and maintain. A cartridge can be cleaned by a simple backwashing by a garden hosepipe.

Cleaning a cartridge is important because if it is clogged then it will not be able to perform to its maximum capacity. Impurities like oils, lotions and hair are the most harmful ones for cartridges and thus their cleansing from the cartridge becomes even more essential. In case the pool sees a lot of swimmers, thorough cleansing becomes all the more important. It is important to use chemical cleaners in case that is necessary for chemical deposits. Cleaning the cartridge regularly is certain to increase its lifespan significantly, compared to seldom cleaning.

Regular cleaning ensures that the filter not only works better but the life of the filter is also increased. An increased lifetime has two major advantages. Firstly, his means lower cost incurred by the pool on its owner, because changing the cartridge time and again is costly affair. Secondly, the owners are saved from the hassles of keeping a track and changing the cartridge ever so often. However, it may so happen that even after regular cleaning, the clogging persists and the filter is not able to perform to its full capacity. In such an eventuality, the replacement of filters becomes essential and one must not hesitate in replacing the filters immediately. It is not a futile investment, because a properly functional filter is mandatory to keep the pool clean. In case the pool has an unclean filter installed in it, the water will be unclean too and swimmers may not find it fit for swimming or enjoyable. Hence, a pool filter that is free from clogging and performing at its best is the prerequisite for a clean and healthy pool.