Selecting the best quality pool filter is a must and one of the reliable names in the market is Hayward pool filter. If you too have selected Hayward products, you must ensure that you take utmost care for their maintenance. However, after a regular use, some problems might come up with your Hayward pool filter cartridge or with any of Hayward pool filter parts. To enjoy uninterrupted services, you can opt for replacement parts. If you call for a professional help, you might end up wasting a lot of money. We bring you some simple tips by which you can repair your pool filter and its parts all by yourself and save a lot of money.


  • Sand Replacement: If you have installed a sand filter, it is important to change the sand in every5-7 years. To start the process, first remove the drain cap and drain the tank. Next to be removed is the valve that is mounted on the top. Once this is done, use a dry or a wet vac and scoop our the sand filled inside and replace it with #20 silica sand. Place the valve back and close it tightly.
  • Replacement of Laterals: The laterals need to be replaced once in 10 years or in case if even one lateral gets cracked, you should replace the entire set. To replace the laterals, first drain the tank and remove the sand (instructions given above). Next, unscrew the laterals and replace it with new laterals. Once done, make sure you cover the sand pipe and then refill the sand. Tightly replace the valve.
  • Changing the Valve: If you observe a leaking multiport valve, you have two options – either you can repair it with a new spider gasket or you can change the entire valve. Replacing the valve is a simple process. First cut the pipes but make sure that you leave some pipe that can be used later on to reconnect. Next, remove the valve from the tank and quickly grease the o-ring and push in the new valve on the standpipe. 4x with Teflon threads need to be wrapped next and then tighten the screw. Finally, use glue and PVC primer to reconnect the pipes with the help of a union.

Make sure you install the clamp bands properly after replacing or repairing any part of the filter. By following the above mentioned steps, you can easily replace or repair your filter and its parts.