The best way to beat the heat during summers is swimming in the cool waters of your backyard swimming pool. Since, your pool will become full of algae, grime and muck over time, without a quality pool filter, proper maintenance and cleaning of your pool is necessary to ensure safe and hygienic swimming experience to swimmers.

Cartridge filters have a cartridge element within it that serves as a tough medium for resisting the flow of impurities and their dissemination in pond water systems. These filters help maintain the swimming pool water quality and remove debris from pool water.

However, in order to maintain the efficiency of your cartridge pool filter, regular cleaning and maintenance is required. The cleaning process requires three simple steps. The first step involves rinsing away loose dirt from the cartridge with water. Use a garden hose instead of spray nozzle as spraying too hard can drive the dirt deep inside the cartridge.

Next soak the cartridge in a cartridge cleaner solution which in turn break down the body oils and lotions that can trap and hold the dirt to your cartridge. This would ensure thorough cleaning of your cartridge filter.

Finally, you need to thoroughly rinse the cartridge with water so that all the chemicals and remaining debris is removed completely. After thoroughly rinsing the filters, allow them to dry in bright sunlight following which they should be re-installed into the filter housing.

Made up of high grade polyester materials like polyethylene and polypropylene, these filters are any time better than old filtering systems. Besides high level of efficiency, this type of pool filter has easy maintenance and is also very affordable.

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