How To Reduce The Maintenance Cost Of Your Pool

Taking care of your swimming pool is very crucial. Read on find out more.

So you bought, installed and love your designer swimming pool in your backyard. It was definitely heavy on the wallet but the fun and happiness derived by you and your loved ones from this amazing pool surpasses everything else. But what happens when energy bills shoot up? What happens when you realize that buying the pool or the hot tub is one thing but maintaining it costs more money? Well, here are some tips that will help you not just save on the energy bills but will help you maintain your pool in a better fashion and advance you towards saving the environment too!

  • First and foremost is to maintain the pool/water temperatures to 78 degrees or below. Studies and research have shown that this is the optimal temperature for a pool and anything above that will shoot your energy consumption a lot
  • Public pool needs to maintain 78 degrees throughout but if it is a personal use and if you know the lean and peak periods (weekends are busier than weekdays?), you can lower the temperature during the lean period and just crank it up during the holidays or the weekends
  • Replace the cartridges is an important technique. Cartridges need to be replaced, changed and inspected on periodical basis. Make sure they are clean and unclogged at all times or else more energy will be used
  • Lastly, get your pool inspected on a regular basis. This includes checking the filter, pumps, water supply etc. This will nip any problem in the bud

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