How to cut pool heating costs

Swimming pools in ,almost all parts of the country need some kind of a pool heating device to keep the temperature of the water at a comfortable level. The problem is that unless for fully automatic pool cleaners, most pool heaters are not efficient enough to produce desired results and also use up a lot of energy. Propane, natural gas or other fossil fuels and also electricity is used to heat up pools and that adds to the cost of pool maintenance. A few simple tips could save you those bucks and also keep your pool warm.

You could use a solar pool heater or solar pool cover to heat up your pool effectively and in a cost effective way. A solar pool heater traps the heat from the sun to heat the pool water and doesn’t need electricity or fuel to keep going. Solar pool heaters have special insulation on their surfaces which allow the suns heat to pass through them, but can’t escape back into the atmosphere. The trapped heat warms the water and keeps it warm even after sun down.

If you’re worried about the efficiency of the solar sun rings on a large pool, let you be informed that solar sun rings do not come in large “one-piece” sheets like other pool covers. These solar pool heaters come in small sizes and you’ve got to place a couple of them on your pool surface to cover the entire pool area – the number of pieces required depends on the size of the pool. Solar sun rings can deliver optimum performance irrespective of pool size and shape.

A big disadvantage with common pool covers is the formation of algae. Owing to their “one piece” design, common pool covers promote algae growth when the pool remains covered. With solar sun rings your pool can breathe through the gaps between two units of solar pool heaters.

Water has a high specific heat capacity, as a result of which hot water remains hot for long and vice versa. So, even after sundown the water in your pool will stay warm through the trapped heat from the day.

Solar sun rings can cut pool heating costs considerably and nothing heats the pool better and in a “greener” way.