Nothing beats the serene rejuvenation an exquisite spa offers and almost whole of the urban populace tries to recreate the experience but often fails. We usually tend to miss out on a few add-ons that can give us the same quaint experience as that in professional spas. Below-mentioned are a few tips and techniques one should follow for an ultimate spa experience-

Professional Spa

  • Keep Your Filter in the Best Working Condition:
    Spa maintenance begins with cleaning your filters and and ensuring that they aren’t clogged with algae or other contaminants. If you are using a cartridge filter then you need to backwash it with a garden hose after every three weeks. For better cleaning, you can soak it in non-foaming solutions and scrub it lightly with a brush. Cleaning in no way would increase the lifespan of your cartridge but will definitely provide you with optimum hygiene; you should go for replacement of cartridge after a year and you can consider QCA spas cartridges as these superior-quality cartridges are known for effective filtration. Apart from filters, it is also important to rigorously clean the tiling of your spa with commonly used chemicals or with the process of glass bead blasting.
  • Keep Your Spa Ready With Necessary Parts And Equipment-
    Apart from filter, you can also add chlorine feeders in the plumbing system as they are more effective than chlorine tablets and you can also install ozonators for complete water sanitization. Many people are going for installing these spa parts in Canada and many other countries.
  • Use Aromatic Spa Products-
    Fragrances and natural essences often work magic on our troubled minds and one should always go for massages with natural essential oils before stepping into a hot water tub or a spa. These massages not only accentuate your experience but also increase the blood flow and are strictly prescribed for arthritis patients. Know more the benefits of owning a spa

You can also listen to soothing melodies and install good music systems in your spa as that will tend to your complete relaxation psychologically and will reduce stress exponentially.

Recommended Product-

Unicel C-4995 is a superior quality replacement cartridge that has technical specifications Filbur # FC-2940 and Pleatco #PCAL 100. It is 23 5/8 inches long and 4 15/16 inches wide, can efficiently handle a top load of 95 square feet and is appropriate for various spas including Waterway Plastics, Lifestyle Spas and Statewood spas. It has open holes on both sides, each 2 1/8 inches in diameter.