It is recommended not to use sun-tanning or oil based products while entering in-to swimming pools. The reason is such products add oil to dirt particles that stick around pores of cartridge filters. Henceforth, the removal of unwanted dirt particles that get deposited on the cartridge filtering medium becomes difficult.

Replacement of cartridges thus becomes necessary in every season. However, the users always feel great about the magnificence of this new filter. This device has an extremely tough filtering medium that makes it reasonably impossible for particles to escape through its fine pores. The device unfailing clogs debris found in pond system. This equipment has an extremely porous medium and the pores are capable of clogging particles that are invisible to normal vision. As all form of impurities deposit on the porous filtering element, the filter is very much trusted for its capability to clog impurities.

But the main concern for users of the filter is how easily they can remove the deposited impurities from the cartridge filter’s surface. This is why it is recommended that oil based products should not be used while bathing in swimming ponds. What happens then is that the cartridge does not form sticking dirt elements and it can be easily washed off by simply flushing with water. When such precautions are maintained, it becomes easier for pool users to release dirt elements that deposit on its pores much easily.

It is good to use the cartridge based cleaners manufactured by Jacuzzi, Astral, Unicel and others. The equipment is very much beneficial in the way it cleans ponds and rids them of their impurities. Any other such accessory brought to use for cleaning purpose fails in competence in comparison to the cartridge filters.