Filter is an important part of swimming pool equipment. Working in coordination with the circulation system, pool filter ensures that the water stays clean and clear. There are many considerations involved while installing a pool filter.

Viking Spas replacement filters

Firstly, the filter should be of good quality. Viking Spas replacement filters aptly satisfy this criteria. The efficient performance of these filters makes them a common choice among a large number of  pool owners across the world.

It is also necessary to pay attention on the size of the filter while setting up a swimming pool. It is not difficult to select the right filter size for your pool. Here are some guidelines for you to follow while selecting the filter.

Consider the Required Turnover Rate for the Pool

The size of the pool is a major parameter for deciding the filter size. Run the pump daily, so as to turn over the pool water. This helps to maintain the clarity of pool water. For every filter, there are two major parameters namely gallon per minute design rating and turnover rate. The optimal turnover rate for pools is 12 hours. Today most swimming pools need a turnover rate of 8 to 10 hours. One should choose a filter on the basis of this rate.

Make the Important Calculations

To choose the right pool filter, you need to do some basic calculations. You need to estimate the volume of pool, surface area of filter media and flow rate of pool pump. The result of these calculations will be a major determining factor for the size of filter. For instance, depending on the maximum and minimum flow rate of pump, the required filter specifications will vary. Similarly, volume of the pool and surface area of filter media too will influence the filter choice.

Examine the Plumbing System

The velocity with which water flows through the plumbing system also is an important factor for choosing pool filter. The greater the velocity, the more will be the resistance to water flow in the circulation system. The selected filter should be able to work in such a scenario.

Along with right pool filter, you need the right filter cartridges as well. Viking Spas filter cartridges are a good choice.

Recommended Product
Unicel C-4332 is a popular choice when it comes to replacement cartridges for pool filters. 4 15/16 inches wide and 11 7/8 inches long, this cartridge features technical specifications Filbur # FC-1612, Pleatco # PMT25, and OEM # 17-B1151. It has 2 1/8 inch open holes on top and bottom. Having high-quality filter media, this cartridge renders clean and clear pool water by trapping all impurities and debris.